101 Spring Bucket List Ideas & Activities for 2024 (2024)

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Many of us have decided to make the best of a new year this year. We want things to be bigger and better than ever! We have renewed dreams, goals and desires we would love to experience and accomplish. But above all else, we have no intention of allowing the challenges we have faced the past couple of years to hold us back now.

One thing to always consider is this, “If we do what we’ve always done, we’ll always get what we always “got!” So, with spring just around the corner, it would be an excellent idea to begin brainstorming the many things you would love to do. Make yourself a spring bucket list.

This article will share 101 spring bucket list ideas and activities to plan and participate in this year.We will even discuss why you should make a bucket list.

Why Should I Make a Bucket List?

A bucket list gives us something to look forward to. Who doesn’t love living life while they are looking ahead to brighter days?The end of every season brings new beginnings, with new experiences on the horizon.

When it's the end of summer, we can’t wait for the weather to cool off. In the coldest months, we can't wait until things warm up again in the spring. Making a spring bucket list is a way of taking advantage of the change of season and making the most out of every moment.

Making a spring bucket list helps us be prepared to hit the ground running when the days are bright and sunny, and the warmer temperatures are moving in. “No more dreary, cold, and cloudy days!” So, we start to dig out the short sleeves, tee shirts, flip flops and shorts from our closets.

Still, there are some people that are happiest indoors… they consider themselves to homebodies all year round. And that’s ok, because we’ve got you covered as well with spring bucket list ideas and activities that don’t involve going anywhere.

Your spring bucket list doesn't have to be expensive or extravagant like many may think. It can also be small, simple things that you do that make you happy.

What is the Difference Between a Bucket List and Setting Goals?

Making a bucket list is similar to setting goals. It is important to note that the two can coexist. I like to view bucket lists as small puzzle pieces that form a larger, more detailed puzzle…a puzzle designed to piece together small adventures to accomplish a larger goal.

For example, your goal may be to get out of your comfort zone this year in many areas.Bucket list activities are the puzzle pieces to help you accomplish that goal.It is a way of seeing our dreams and wishes come to life and bringing great joy with it.

However, a bucket list usually considers things a person wants to do or accomplish before dying or “kicking the bucket.” Therefore, they can motivate us to get out of our comfort zones and do things both great and small. One way to achieve this is to create a vision board but on a smaller scale.

On the contrary, goals can be more long-term accomplishments that need a practical plan and discipline to achieve. However, once reached, they bring our lives deep fulfillment.

101 Spring Bucket List Ideas & Activities for 2024

Spring Bucket List Ideas for the Outdoors

Here are some outdoor spring bucket list ideas you can add to your list right away.

  1. Plan a flower garden
  2. Go for a hike
  3. Singing in the rain
  4. Plant a vegetable garden
  5. Attend a major or minor league baseball game.
  6. Go on a scenic motorcycle trip
  7. Spend Spring Break out on the lake
  8. Go kayaking, paddle boarding or rafting
  9. Go biking
  10. Attend a farmer’s market
  11. Go on a helicopter tour
  12. Take a hot air balloon ride
  13. Go on a food truck food tour.
  1. Go rock climbing
  2. Enjoy a sunset on the beach
  3. Attend an outdoor concert
  4. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  5. Hike down a waterfall
  6. Go on a picnic
  7. Visit a botanical garden
  8. Run a marathon or color run
  9. Attend Mardi Gras
  10. Visit a zoo
  11. Visit a vineyard
  12. Learn goat yoga
  13. Eat at a rooftop bar-in-grill

Spring Bucket List Ideas to Do Indoors

If you or more of an introvert or simply love to be indoors, here are some indoor spring bucket list ideas and activities you may enjoy.

  1. Try new recipes exotic dishes.
  2. Bake creative desserts
  3. Spring cleaning, donating old clothes and appliances to charity
  4. Shop for new spring clothing
  5. Dine-in at a restaurant you've always wanted to attend.
  6. Get a manicure and pedicure
  7. Relax with a good book and hot coffee
  8. Learn to paint on canvas
  9. Remodel your kitchen
  10. Rearrange your furniture
  11. Learn to play a musical instrument
  1. Learn a new language
  2. Have a do-nothing day. Wear your pajamas all day.
  3. Read a book you've been waiting to read.
  4. Start your day with daily affirmations.
  5. Make a procrastination list of things you’ve been putting off and start doing things on the list.
  6. Do a crossword puzzle
  7. Make a vision board
  8. Take time to meditate
  9. Stay up all night watching tv
  10. Have breakfast in bed
  11. Create a scrapbook
  12. Reconnect with an old friend

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Families

Below are a few spring bucket list activities you and do as a family. We call these “simple pleasures with family.”

  1. Go on a walk as a family.
  2. Throw a barbecue in the backyard and invite friends and family over
  3. Eat popcorn and enjoy a movie as a family.
  4. Pick wildflowers and make a bouquet.
  5. Take the kids to a water park
  6. Playing football in the front yard
  7. Have an Easter egg hunt
  8. Take the family on a fishing trip
  9. Take the family dog(s) to a dog park
  10. Buy a fish tank and let your kids pick fish and decorate the tank
  11. Build a treehouse
  12. Have a water balloon fight
  13. Put up a basketball goal in the yard for family fun
  14. Volunteer at a humane society
  1. Put up tents and build a fire at night in the backyard
  2. Stargazing
  3. Scavenger hunt with the kids
  4. Go sight-seeing and window shopping
  5. Play frisbee toss in the yard
  6. Pizza and a movie night
  7. Family puzzle night
  8. Family game night – play board games
  9. Have a water gunfight

Spring Bucket List Ideas for Teenagers

With spring approaching, the whole family may want to be in on making a spring bucket list. Here are some excellent spring bucket list items and activities for teenagers.

  1. Change your hair color.
  2. Visit a museum or exhibit.
  3. Volunteer at a homeless shelter
  4. Learn to cook
  5. Make your own jewelry
  6. Start a blog
  7. Fly a drone
  8. Play miniature golf
  9. Create a Tik-Tok dance video
  10. Go bowling with friends
  11. Take photos of favorite landscapes
  12. Go window shopping
  13. Try out for a baseball or softball team
  14. Learn how to skate
  15. Learn how to drive
  16. Fly a kite
  17. Learn to bake a cake or cookies
  1. Take architectural photos of famous buildings, street signs, and monuments
  2. Visit a farm
  3. Go four-wheel riding
  4. Go go-carting
  5. Get a job
  6. Redo your bedroom
  7. Go to a carnival with friends
  8. Write a love letter to your crush, boyfriend, or girlfriend.
  9. Write a journal
  10. See a popular band in concert
  11. Cook dinner for your parents as a show of appreciation
  12. Unplug from all technology for a day. No cell phones, tablets, iPods, video games, or computers. Spend the day outdoors.

Final Thoughts on Spring Bucket List

Thanks to Punxsutawney Phil, we still have a good amount of winter left ahead of us… which means there’s no better time than the present to get started on your spring bucket list. Even if you aren’t sure where to start, all that matters is you begin thinking about it. Try free journaling for inspiration.

Think to yourself, “Is there something that I have always wanted to do?” And ask yourself if this is the appropriate season to get started.If so, add it to your bucket list. Push yourself to do something no one would ever expect you to do because you never know how much laughter and joy it will bring you.

If you desire to learn a new skill, add it to your spring bucket list! If you want to learn a new language or take up martial arts… add it to your bucket list! There is no way to mess this up because it’s about you and what you truly want.

Making a spring bucket list can give you the boldness to step out of any area of timidity you may have in life and make it one big adventure! It’s about stepping out of your comfort zones at times and reaching new heights.

For summer ideas, check out our post on summer bucket list ideas to enjoy this year.

101 Spring Bucket List Ideas & Activities for 2024 (2024)
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