All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (2024)

All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (1)
Snorlax appears in different colors in Pokemon Sleep depending on the research area you choose for the week. However, it seems that Snorlax can also appear in colors other than the one native to the area. See all the default Snorlax colors in Pokemon Sleep here.

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All Snorlax Colors in Pokemon Sleep

Greengrass Isle Cyan Beach
Taupe Hollow Shiny Color

Greengrass Isle Snorlax

Standard Color Snorlax

All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (6)

The Snorlax on Greengrass Isle is the regular color of Snorlax that we are all familiar with.

Greengrass Isle Map and Area Dex

Cyan Beach Snorlax

Green Hue Snorlax

All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (7)

The default color of Cyan Beach's Snorlax is green. This may be the most unusual color of all the research areas so far, but it is what you should expect when choosing Cyan Beach as your research site for the week.

Cyan Beach Area Dex and How to Unlock

Taupe Hollow Snorlax

Gray Hue Snorlax

All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (8)

The Snorlax in Taupe Hollow is similar to the regular Snorlax color only more gray (or perhaps more taupe?). It looks like a regular Snorlax that's resting inside a cave without much light.

Rare Snorlax

Dark Royal Blue Snorlax

The rare, alternate-colored Snorlax has a very small chance of appearing in any research area. It's a deeper blue compared to the regular Snorlax, and it's easily distinguishable by the sparkles that pop out upon seeing this Pokemon.

Shiny Snorlax in Pokemon Sleep

Wrong Color Snorlax Bug

Cyan Beach Snorlax Isn't Green?

All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (9)

Snorlax that don't match the default Snorlax color of their research area have been spotted around social media.

These Snorlax aren't Shiny but are just one of the other default Snorlax colors that can be found in other research areas.

It is unclear if this is a bug or if it is an intentional feature with a small, random chance of happening. It only affects the look of your research area for the week and has no impact on the gameplay, so you shouldn't encounter any problems if you find a different-colored Snorlax.

How to Get a Green Snorlax

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All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (10)

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All Snorlax Colors | Pokemon Sleep|Game8 (2024)
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