Best Eeveelutions in Pokemon Sleep (2024)

Evolving Eevee into one of its eight Eeveelutions in Pokemon Sleep is a serious commitment, so it's understandable that many Trainers want reassurance before making their investment.

The best Eeveelution for your Helper Team depends on a variety of factors, but since each one boasts a different Main Skill, Base Frequency, and Base Carry Limit, some are objectively better than others.

This guide dives deep into all the game's Eeveelutions to crown the star Eeveelution in Pokemon Sleep.

All Eeveelutions in Pokemon Sleep ranked from worst to best

8. Leafeon

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  • Main Skill: Energising Cheer S
  • Berry: Durin Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:50:00
  • Base Carry Limit: 13

While Leafeon is generally a popular Pokemon, unfortunately, it's the worst Eeveelution in Pokemon Sleep.

Lefeon's Base Frequency is only average compared to the rest of the roster, and its Base Carry Limit is subpar. Furthermore, Durian Berries are not listed as Favourite Berries on any of the existing Research Areas. Adding insult to injury, Leafeon's Main Skill, Energising Cheer S, is unreliable due to its inherent randomness.

Leafeon's saving grace is that it's the only Grass-type Pokemon with access to Moomoo Milk and Bean Sausages, but that alone isn't enough to justify evolving your Eevee into a Leafeon unless you just really love the Verdant Pokemon.

7. Vaporeon

  • Main Skill: Ingredient Magnet S
  • Berry: Oran Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:51:40
  • Base Carry Limit: 13

Vaporeon is another Eeveelution with mediocre Base Frequency and Base Carry Limit. However, the Oran Berry is a Favourite Berry on Cyan Beach, and Vaporeon's Ingredients are excellent for weeks when your Snorlax requests Curries/Stews or Desserts/Drinks. Ingredient Magnet S is a decent Main Skill, too, allowing you to fill your Cooking Pot and boost Snorlax's Strength to new heights.

So what's wrong with Vaporeon? Well, this Eeveelution is simply outclassed by other well-liked and easy-to-get Pokemon. Blastoise, in particular, can do everything Vaporeon can but better. If you're going to invest your precious resources into an Eeveelution, there are more useful options than Vaporeon.

6. Glaceon

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  • Main Skill: Cooking Power-Up S
  • Berry: Rawst Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:53:20
  • Base Carry Limit: 12

Glaceon's Base Frequency and Base Carry Limit are tied with Umbreon as the worst among the Eeveelutions. Glaceon's Main Skill, Cooking Power-Up S, isn't particularly great either, as unless your Bag is overflowing with Ingredients, you probably don't need the extra room in your Cooking Pot.

Glaceon has a few redeeming qualities, though, such as its status as the only Ice-type Pokemon with access to Soothing Cacao. Also, only Glaceon and the Spheal Evolutionary Chain collect Rawst Berries.

If you need a Helper Pokemon for Snowdrop Tundra, Glaceon is perfect! But if not, consider picking a different evolution for Eevee.

5. Flareon

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  • Main Skill: Cooking Power-Up S
  • Berry: Leppa Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:45:00
  • Base Carry Limit: 14

Flareon and Glaceon share the same Main Skill, but Flareon helps a lot faster thanks to its Base Frequency. A Flareon with access to Moomoo Milk and Soothing Cacao is invaluable on Taupe Hollow, as Leppa Berries are a favourite among those Snorlax.

If you're ready to start researching Taupe Hollow and have some spare Eevee Candy and a Fire Stone, you should definitely consider evolving your Eevee into a Flareon!

4. Umbreon

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  • Main Skill: Charge Energy S
  • Berry: Wiki Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:53:20
  • Base Carry Limit: 14

At a glance, the beloved Umbreon doesn't look like a great Helper Pokemon for Pokemon Sleep. Umbreon is tied with Glaceon for the slowest Base Frequency of the Eeveelutions. However, Umbreon fills a niche on Snowdrop Tundra.

Wiki Berries are a Favourite Berry on Snowdrop Tundra, and the select few Pokemon that can generate Wiki Berries are relatively rare and difficult to come by. And you can never have enough Moomoo Milk and Soothing Cacao on Snowdrop Tundra.

Charge Energy S is an underrated Main Skill. How much Energy your Helper Pokemon has directly affects its Helping Speed, so the fact that Umbreon is self-sufficient makes up for its lacklustre Base Frequency.

The Berry Finding S Sub Skill is especially advantageous on an Umbreon, so give thought to that when deciding which Eeveelution works best for your specific Eevee!

3. Jolteon

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  • Main Skill: Extra Helpful S
  • Berry: Grepa Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:36:40
  • Base Carry Limit: 17

Jolteon is not only the fastest Helper Pokemon of the Eeveelutions, it's tied for the title of fastest Helper Pokemon in Pokemon Sleep. Paired with top-tier Ingredients and another underestimated Main Skill in Extra Helpful S, Jolteon can fit nicely on any Helper Team!

The only argument against evolving Eevee into Jolteon is that Jolteon directly competes with Raichu, one of the best Helper Pokemon in all of Pokemon Sleep. Both Pokemon produce Grepa Berries, which isn't a Favourite Berry on any of the existing Research Areas, and both require Thunder Stones to evolve from their pre-evolutions. If you already have an impressive Pichu, Pikachu, or Raichu, you may not want to waste your Candy and Thunder Stones to evolve your Eevee into a Jolteon.

2. Sylveon

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  • Main Skill: Energy for Everyone S
  • Berry: Pecha Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:43:20
  • Base Carry Limit: 15

Sylveon's Base Frequency and Base Carry Limit are nothing to scoff at, but Sylveon's true value lies in its Main Skill: Energy for Everyone S. Energy for Everyone S is perhaps the best Main Skill in Pokemon Sleep, only available to the Igglybuff Evolutionary Chain and Sylveon.

As your Helper Pokemon's Energy drains throughout a long day, the frequency in which they bring you Berries and Ingredients slows considerably. Energy for Everyone S counters this, though, by restoring a small amount of Energy to everyone on your Helper Team. A Sylveon with one or more Skill Trigger Sub Skills and a Nature that boosts its Main Skill Chance can keep your Helper Team Energised throughout the entire day!

Sylveon is indispensable on Cyan Beach due to its Pecha Berries, but this Eeveelution will fit right in on any Research Area.

1. Espeon

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  • Main Skill: Charge Strength M
  • Berry: Mago Berry
  • Base Frequency: 00:40:00
  • Base Carry Limit: 16

The last and arguably the best overall Eeveelution in Pokemon Sleep is Espeon. Espeon's Base Frequency is the second fastest of the Eeveelutions, and Espeon's Main Skill, Charge Strength M, can carry a whole Helper Team. A Level 1 Charge Strength M increases Snorlax's Strength by 880, but an Espeon with Skill Level Up Sub Skills, paired with a high Area Bonus, will provide your Snorlax with thousands upon thousands of Strength every week off the back of Charge Strength M.

If that wasn't enough reason to turn your Eevee into an Espeon, Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokemon, which isn't very common in Pokemon Sleep. If you ever need Mago Berries, there's no better option than Espeon.

For the most part, you can't go wrong with any of the Eeveelutions in Pokemon Sleep. They all have their niches, and for many Trainers, having their favourite Pokemon on their Helper Team is more important than having the best Pokemon. But if you're someone who loves efficiency and wants to progress fast in Pokemon Sleep, you may want to think carefully before you evolve your Eevee!

Pokemon Sleep is a surprisingly deep title! Check out our Pokemon Sleep homepage for more Pokemon Sleep-related content.

Best Eeveelutions in Pokemon Sleep (2024)
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