Cheesy Baked Pasta With Sausage and Ricotta Recipe (2024)



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Steel Magnolia

Rather than put four ounces of unused sausage in the freezer and four ounces of unused pasta in the pantry, we used the full pound of each, upped the measures of strained tomatoes, fennel and oregano by a third, and added a half cup of red wine. Turned out perfectly. We’ll put this one in rotation. The fennel and the fresh basil really take it up a level.a

Anita Kusick

Made (nearly) precisely as written. Deglazed sausage with a little Chianti. Tomatoes seemed a little watery to begin so added a little less water with pasta. Nice “collezione” orecchiette. Fabulous and fast!!

Mary Kay

No way would this fit in my 12-inch skillet. Transferred it to a Dutch oven. Delicious.


Let me start by saying that Melissa Clark’s recipes make dinner time at my house easier, more interesting, and more fun for me as a cook. We eat better because of the talented staff at the NYT. This recipe was a big hit with everyone from the picky kids to the grandparents in attendance that night. I loved the ricotta addition. Whole San Marzano tomatoes are a must. I used orecchiette pasta and it was perfect.


Could we have the quantity of Parmagiano Reggiano in weight as well please? I buy mine in a chunk and my grater gives a very fluffy product so that I’m never sure how what I add matches the quantity called for in the recipe.


Because whole tomatoes are typically better quality tomatoes.


Slipped in about a TB of anchovy paste and subbed green lentils (1 cup) for pasta to make it gluten free. This was great!


I replaced the sausage with eggplant to make vegetarian and was perfect - thank you,


This could have been absolutely delicious, if I had par-cooked the pasta before adding it. As it was, the pasta came out with a consistency a little like glue, though the rest of the dish was very good. I will make it again, but cook the pasta at least halfway through first.


Melissa,I made this tonight and it was quite good. The only thing I would change is pick a pasta that is “done” in maybe 7-9 minutes. I picked one that said 11-12 and it was still a tad chewy after the oven. But this is a terrific recipe. Thanks for another Melissa Dinner to add to my repertoire.


Used San Marzanos for the sauce and vegetarian sausage, and went a little heavy on the ricotta because I am human... turned out very well as written - have faith in the amount of salt, it turns out to be right by the end.


OK, but texture and taste can be significantly improved. Texture - even when well broken up, the whole tomatoes are like random clumps of uninvited guests. Also, recipe is too dry and the cheese is not well integrated. Recommend replacing canned tomato ingredients with 1 (28-ounce) can crushed tomatoes and 1 (14-ounce) can diced tomatoes. This addresses texture and adds liquid. Fold in at least half of the ricotta (4-ounces) into the pasta tomato mix - instead of using just as topping.


Made exactly as written (except I added 1 teaspoon of sugar to the sauce) and it was perfect. Used rigatoni. I *might* parboil the pasta first next time before adding to sauce; sometimes one-pot pasta can taste a little gummy — it was perfectly al dente, but I don’t always love *all* the starchy taste that gets left in when pasta cooks directly in its sauce instead of in water that gets drained off.

Logan Spencer

Pound for pound, dollar for dollar, minute for minute—this is the most delicious recipe on NYT. Make it exactly as directed.


Nice for a Sunday supper! Like others, I used a Dutch oven because I didn't want the skillet to overflow. The only change I made was to eliminate the fennel because I have a fennel-hater in the house. Will make again!


Great recipe but skillet is too small. Used a Dutch oven. This will be part of our dinner rotation!


I made this with chickpea pasta as I am gluten-free and it turned to mush. So, for my GF friends, do NOT pre-cook the pasta but put it in dry with an extra cup of water. Otherwise it will become a paste. This also largely depends on what brand you use, but in general GF pastas don't hold up as well. GF gnocchi would also be a great option.

Joseph Girgenti

Perfect for me. I used 1 pound penne, 8 cloves of garlic, 1 pound hot Italian sausage, I teaspoon each oregano and rosemary and more than a pinch of red pepper. While cooking the sausage I added a small diced yellow onion. Also, I boiled the pasta for 5 minutes and drained and set it aside. 1 28 oz can each of whole tomatoes and crushed tomatoes. In this my 4th time making it I used more ricotta. While enjoying this, my 2 Sicilian grandmothers came down from heaven and kissed me on my cheeks.

Cathy R.

Made this tonight in my Dutch Oven because I was afraid it would not fit in my 12 inch cast iron skillet. Made it for guests so I used 1lb of sausage and a can of crushed tomatoes (28oz) and diced tomatoes (14 oz) because that was what I had in the pantry. Everything else was according to the recipe and it was delicious. Even my husband, never compliments anything I make, said he liked it. And there was enough left over for several more meals. A real winner.

Mary Beth Martin-Bellavia

3/24/24 Used 28 Oz whole tomatoes and 28 Oz crushed tomatoes with full packages of pasta and sausage. Upped the spices and a bit of red wine. Try with pasta other than orecchiette.

Jennifer H

super simple and delicious!!!!


Excellent as written, better with a bit more garlic and parmesan. Like a really good pizza. Easy to make.

Sa Wa

It's great. Can't give 5 stars tho bc it's just not surprising or exceptional. Just really good. Perfect weeknight dinnie w/ leftovers taken to school/work, innit?

Chef Carlos

Only changes I made were:- 1/2 lb sweet Italian sausage- 1 28 oz can San Marzano tomatoes- 9 oz corkscrew pastaThis made enough for two dinners for two of us. Served with salad and crusty bread Fantastic and will make this one again. Loved the interplay with fresh mozzarella and ricotta. One pan and very little cleanup were bonuses.


I thought this was yummy. I did use shredded mozzarella instead of fresh & made it 1 pound of sausage but other than that I followed the recipe.


Very good. I used about 3/4ths the ricotta (seemed excessive). Only note is I'd use less fennel. I LOVE fennel, but it overpowers some of the other flavors. Otherwise, really great and easy recipe.


Huge flavor to effort ratio. I put whole pound sausage, 8 oz pasta (small elbows) which was plenty - I was afraid my skillet wouldn't hold it all - eyeballed the ricotta and the parmesan. Used thyme instead of bay leaves - I never have those - and mozzarella pearls so I didn't have to tear into bite sized pieces. Thank you, Melissa!


Jassa loved this! Served it his last night with us on his first solo visit, 3/14/24. Hope there are many more opportunities to cook for him!

Joseph Girgenti

I sautéed 1/2 yellow onion with the sausage is my only addition. Way better than I expected. Will make this again and again.

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Cheesy Baked Pasta With Sausage and Ricotta Recipe (2024)
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