How to use Jet-Pro Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper (2023)


In this video I wanted to show you guys not only how to use Jet-Pro Soft Stretch Heat transfer paper but also let you know that it does make a difference if you use old heat transfer paper. This stuff has a shelf life. It may be long but it does have a shelf life. Hope you enjoy and find this video useful.

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Jet-Pro Soft stretch Heat transfer paper

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What's up, everybody should boy a dub in with another video before we get started don't, forget to subscribe to the channel like this video and share it with all your friends.

So, um, the reason for this video, alright, the last time that I made those shirts.

You guys, remember when I made those shirts using the soft stretch stuff that I had a soft stretch shirt transfers well, like I said before the shirt transfers that I used were, maybe they were really really old.

So I did I wasn't sure whether that affected the way the transfer came out so I wanted to do it again because my client, they've been kind of like taking their time with picking up that order and everybody paid me for it.

Well actually, I paid me half the money, but um, they're supposed to pick it up tomorrow now.

And to be honest with you I wasn't happy with how the press came out.

So why as I showed you in a previous video, I, um got some new transfer paper.

So I, went ahead and I printed up the design on the epson workforce.

7720 I printed up.

The pictures again, a little bit larger this time and yeah, that kind of like messed up damaged the resolution a little bit because, but the resolution was already messed up, because they gave me little cell phone pictures.

And they actually sent me a screenshot of it.

So I, don't know, whatever people send you weird stuff sometimes.

But anyway, my press some up and I actually ruined two pieces of paper.

While I was getting the settings right in a printer to print them out.

But I got him printed out I, went ahead and I printed these up because they wanted these on the back and I I'm about to go press them.

But the thing is I'm down to my last large, white Gildan shirt.

So I hope that the instructions on the packet of the heat transfer arm is accurate, because if they're not I might be screwed so I think I'm gonna give it a cold peel kind of like what I did before we're gonna see guys, um, I.


This works cuz like I said, I'm down to my last Gildan.

And they got to pick this up tomorrow.

So got my fingers crossed so got everything done up in the next room.

So let's go over there and let's see what we can come up with cross our fingers and hope this things works.

Alright, let's.


Eight, double X's so guys distances on it.

They wanted should be real easy read I'm, hoping this doesn't mess up because my blade on my cameo is kind of dull, got my heat press heating up in the background, I'm, not gonna separate this because I want to put it on all in one in one shot that way it goes on nice and straight before I had them separated.

But yes, peeling off.

Good it's, weeding, good.

So you just get this off all the way and we're gonna put this on the shirt, guys all right press it on guys.

So one of the shirts is a large.

And one of the shirts is extra-large and I'm, just hoping that when I, um, when I put this on that it goes on fine.

It goes on smooth.

I mean, this is gonna go on fine, I know, this is gonna go on fine I'm hope, I'm more.

So hoping that the the design the image, the picture goes on good I'm nervous about that so I'm gonna do it the way I know how to do it and just let it cool for a little while and then peel it off the directions actually on a paper says that you can peel it, give it a hot peel or a cold pill, depending on how you want the type of texture that you want to smooth this smoothness that you want, but I found with the old with the old paper that I'm a cool pill worked better.

And it seems like most of it came came up with that.

But I think, if you can't, most of the design came off with the cold peel, so as you can see what the thing I had on the computer in the background, the love of my life, 21, you guys see that right there, that's their thing.



So I got another one of these to weed and we're gonna go ahead and press them on a shirt and I'm gonna show you all how my frosty because I want to press these on before I press, the photo on because the photo if I do the photo first, then and then I do these.

This is gonna go on the back and the names of the people are gonna go at the bottom of each picture.

So I got to put on a vinyl first and then I'm gonna press on the picture because vinyl can be pressed over and over and over.

But the pictures they don't need to be pressed over and over and over so I'm gonna put the vinyl on first and I'm gonna show you how I'm gonna do that in a second all right? My heat press is all heated up and I'm ready to show you guys, how I do this thing, but here's, the thing I'm, also, realizing that I can't find my lint brush in my lip brush, I think I, threw it away because, oh, no here.

It is on a floor, that's even worse.

Now, I don't want to use it because it was on the floor and I don't have any more of these papers to oh god.

This is horrible guys.

You guys gonna have to wish me luck on this one, oh I think I got one last paper if I peel it off carefully.

You guys gonna have to wish me luck on this one.

So being his dog down to my last Gildan, what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna press the extra-large first because I have several I have a lot of extra larges left and see how it comes out.

Yeah, I got one more thing left is you.

This is all I got left guys.

Look at this.

This is ridiculous it's, crazy.

So I got a good target or something a Walmart and get a new limb bowler.

So, um, guys, I'm gonna press the extra-large first and see how the design goes on I got my fingers crossed, I hope.

This works good, because if it works, good, guys, whoa.

This is gonna open up a whole new market for us.

So, um, let's see how this works let's do it.

The first thing I'm gonna do is press the 21 on the back of the extra large shirt.

And with this, the good part about this is I don't need to use the lint roller.

When you go on a vinyl don't need to use a lint roller, so that's cool.

So I'm, just laying a shirt down right here, right and a shirt down nice and even I'm gonna go ahead and give it a press for a couple of seconds press.

It down a couple seconds, real fast, just to get the moisture out and the wrinkles and stuff boom got a nice smooth surface.

Right here, make sure it's in the middle it's in the middle right so I'm gonna go ahead and hit this off just spin off right here.


My life boom, put in the center match it up with the collar nice and good make sure shoulder to shoulder, boom, nice and straight I.

Think it actually has to come over a little bit this way.

Another trick to do it it's a folded in half, but I don't, even do that anymore because I've been doing this for a while now and I got this pretty much down guys.

Alright? So, boom, that sent it up nice and good boom, right in the center.


Headed off.

One time 15-second press lock him down at the time.

Going got my fingers crossed, yeah, well, I know, this one's gonna come out good it's.

The other one I'm worried about so let's, see that's gonna come off fine as always heat press, always comes out, great, transfer nice and clean I.

Suppose dope about this I'm gonna hit it off.

One more time cuz I like to embed the designer to the material.

So they get a lot of washes up out of it that's.

What I do I don't know what you guys do but that's, what I do I hit it off another time, you know, I mean, boom, got that on there about our being box.

Ah, boom.

Another 15-second press, that's in there, nice and good.


So got that on there, good? Alright, boom.

Now, we're gonna go to the front just the part that I'm nervous about guys it's.

The part that you guys all came to see.

Alright? Alright.

So let me show you guys how I'm gonna do this.

First thing I'm gonna do is here's the neck.

Alright, I'm gonna go ahead and see where I'm gonna put this design at Zhaan's gonna go right here.

So that means that Jo, this is the extra large.

So Joe's name is gonna go about right here.

So I got to put this on first I'm, gonna go ahead and put Joe's name on first very, very tricky to do this.

Alright? So his name.

But right there.

Move this back off bring this up I need like some tape or something to hold that I have some scotch tape.

Right here.

I really need some heat tape, but I'm gonna use a scotch tape right now to hold this right here while I move the shirt up.

So it stays in place.

Alright, cool.



Chose name on there, nice and straight and I'm.

In a rush.

Guys cuz, I got to get over Chanel's house.

She bought me some food, and she doesn't want to stay a night by herself.

So I got to get over there.

This is crazy, it's, never good to work when you're in a rush and actually I didn't even press this one time.

So gotta get the wrinkles out gotta get the arrow.

So let me do it right? Do it right? So you don't have to do it again, get the moisture out? Boom, let's.

Cool slide.

It down a little bit cuz, I forgot to get the moisture out.

The first time out the front say, anything you do with the back.

You gotta do it the front the moisture in the wrinkles out all right now, let's, repeat that process? Alright, just pictures gonna glow about right here.

Alright, so that means Jill's name get my little scotch tape.

Jill's name put my scotch tape on it.

Isn't gonna go about right here and the center nice and straight boom, got it off nice and straight boom, up just move it and I'd say, boom, boom, straight.



This up get down and just hit it off one side.

Oh, wait, wait, wait.


Did you see that? Oh, just screw this up guys, I, just screwed this up I got tape on the bottom of my impress, oh, my gosh, stupid, all right, I'm gonna fix that guys I'm gonna fix that I gotta get another shirt.

One second, all right, I got a towel.

I gotta wipe this off.

Great it's coming off.

Good just coming off good.

Oh yes.


Thank I'm.

Not even gonna press the design on right at first right now I wanted to, but I'm gonna press the other shirt first because I don't want any tits residue to come off I want a design.

Actually, you know, what it's gonna be fine, because the design is the back of the the back of the papers pressing on all right.

So, let's, go ahead and set my heat press to the proper temperature, which is 175 175 for the paper.

So I gotta let it heat up that was crazy.

Guys, don't effort to make the mistakes that I make obviously it's, not good to work when you're in a rush, go ahead.

And let that stop flashing.

Right? There I'm gonna stop flashing.

Not yet actually and I gotta set this to the right time to that's supposed to be 30 seconds, 30 seconds for the UH for the press of the weight.

So that stops flashing.

All right.

Cool all right I'm gonna wipe that off with the towel, one more time, and then let the heat press heat up for the thief for the design, I mean for the image.

And then we gonna press it on guys.

So that was crazy.

I don't typically do stuff like that.

But I'm in a rush that's goes to show you that you should never work when you're in a rush, guys, never work when you're in a rush or just have the proper materials, I shouldn't be using this scotch tape.

I should be using heat tape and I got the heat tape and a plaque package and right in other room, saving it.

The open box for you guys says, I got some other stuff in there that I want to show you guys and I have some special things in store for you guys.


So, um bear with me, heat press is still heating up and we're gonna do this? Alright? Guys, here's design.

The designs right here.

Heat presses all heated up and I, just cleared the table off cuz.

As soon as it gets off I want to set it right here and touch it and get ready for the peel all right.

So that says, 375 and 30-second press.


So we're gonna press this for 30 seconds.

Alright, you go.

Here we go here.

We go, actually, you know what I'm going to do though I'm, actually gonna press it with the UH.

What should I do? Yeah, I'm gonna press it with the Teflon, or even though it doesn't say to press it with tough on arm, press it with a tough line on because this Jo right here will get will get touched and I don't want to touch that that Jo.

Actually, this is what I'm gonna do just put the Teflon right here.

I can't do that didn't think it did not think of that guys.

So I'm a person with the Teflon, or you guys think that's a good idea.

It's gonna have to be so I'm gonna give it a few more seconds beyond the 30 second that it recommends see how it comes out.

Man, she's, always something always something.

They didn't have to have this to this extra Joe on here.

You know what I mean, but they wanted like that, because the first design was smaller, and they felt like it wasn't taking up enough space.

But now I made it bigger.

So they potentially didn't even want the names on there, but gave it to them.


Alright, 25 27 28 30, because if you have a Teflon sheet on give about five more seconds press and over five seconds, let's, take it off and let's.

See what happens? Guys bring it over here? Fingers crossed fingers cross fingers crossed come on let's, get a good peel let's, get a good peel a little hot to my liking I'm coming around the other side, no chest, little sass, a little small test I'm, nervous.

Man, I, don't want this to work.

So bad I want this to work so bad.

So bad, I'll, see, you guys see what's up with this new paper.


Success that's, what I'm talking about I'm, not even worried about it.

Oh, this is great that's.

What I'm talking about look at that way, cleaner than the other one way cleaner than the other one.

It feels soft, oh I'm.

High I.

Am high.

Oh my gosh.

Do you guys see the quality level? Oh, we can do rest in peace shirts.

We can do everything now.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited.

Are you man? You guys should be excited with me all right? Let's.

Do the other one whoo, perfect press, that's, what I'm talking about y'all? Okay.

So that was the secret I had bad paper.

I had Denise told me in the comments shots out to Denise.

She told me that you had bad paper, that's exactly what the problem was, but I didn't believe her I, didn't, believe her.

But guess what that's exactly the problem was I'm, not worried about anymore.

So let's press Lisa's on here.

And we got we're gonna have some happy clients and they're gonna want to say, they're gonna want to recommend me to somebody else and that's what we want that's.

What we want.

We want to get recommended for more work, guys, I'm height, I'm height, just how I get when I'm high I'm.

Sorry, y'all never saw me.

Hi y'all.

Never heard me height, but I'm, hiding I'm excited.

This is what I get whoo, make sure that's covered up.

This is what you get when you have somebody, they could potentially make more money.

Sorry, I, didn't, even refocus, the camera for you guys and aim it at the right place, but I'm just excited.

Sorry, I'm just excited about this.

How great it came out? How could you rest in peace shirts? I can do shirts with the city going this way? Ah, whole new doors have opened just now for a dub industries.

And you guys are a part of it and I'm excited for you.

And you should be excited for me, and we should be excited for you guys always see me, calm, right, just there's a geek side of me.

Sorry, all right.

So that's, tough, we're, gonna do it just like we did the last one put it over here.

If it works don't, try to fix.

It don't, try to fix it, kick.

The camera now, the only thing hold on, let me check something.

Okay, yeah.

That was a wait a minute.

Yeah, that's the right side.

Okay, who thought I pressed the wrong shirt on the wrong thing.

So I'm just cooling off a little bit that came off.


Good man, cooling it off like I.

Did the other one a little bit more a little bit more little bit a tiny bit more that should be good.

Oh, you know what I didn't do with this one I didn't use a lint roller.

And you know what you can you can see the difference - it's still good, it's, still good.

But you can see the difference because it's little spots in there, but it's still good.

You still came out.

Great I'm so excited, jus, oh, my gosh, look at the quality.

Look at that.

Look at that.

I mean, I don't think you guys can tell this is great quality.

Guys like for this is they sent me a cell phone shot.

This is great quality.

Look at this.

You guys can't see the little specks on there, but that's, what happens when you? Um, don't use a lint brush, beforehand because I forgot to use the lint brush.

Guys, whoa.

Turn off the heat press, don't burn myself.

So guys today we came.

We saw.

We conquered I'd like to.

Thank you guys for joining me.

Sorry, I was all hype and extra, but that's.

What happens when something when I get excited and passionate about something I wasn't, faking it for those of you guys that think like anyway, arms guys, she boy a double I, come and subscribe.

Thank you for watching don't.

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But you know, yeah, shibaemon King on Alexander on all social medias, make sure you guys go to Facebook and follow my page a duct shion's and also follow my page.

My other page on Facebook King, a dub I'm gonna be putting on some music soon so stay tuned for that.

And on those platforms as well as this platform, music videos are going here and everything else I'm gonna start I'm doing more live streams on Facebook.

So make sure you guys are following my facebook page, I'm, also trying to get 10,000 followers.

So my Facebook page pick up - hi so guys, it's, your boy, King Alexander.

Thank you for joining me.

Tonight gotta get going peace them out turn up that while I listen to arrest me like only the best baby.


How to use Jet-Pro Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper? ›


Press 30 seconds @ 375°F using medium/heavy pressure. 3. Peel the paper while still hot in a smooth even motion. (Paper may be peeled at any temperature, depending on what end 'feel' results are preferred).

Do you peel Jet Pro SS heat transfer paper? ›


Press 30 seconds @ 375°F using medium/heavy pressure. 3. Peel the paper while still hot in a smooth even motion. (Paper may be peeled at any temperature, depending on what end 'feel' results are preferred).

What temperature should Jet Pro soft stretch be? ›

Suggested Temperature & Time: 350-375°F for 20-30 seconds.

Do you put heat transfer paper face up or down? ›

The image is placed face down on the garment and when the transfer process is complete, it will appear the right way round. When using dark transfer paper, the image is placed face up on the shirt before transferring and as such, there is no need to reverse the image.

What is soft stretch heat transfer paper? ›

JET-PRO® Soft Stretch Heat Transfer Paper produces soft, supple yet vibrant and wash-durable ink jet printed transfers to white and light colored cotton, cotton/poly blends and 100% poly fabrics and is printable by most desktop and roll fed inkjet printers.

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