Imagetrend Elite Delaware (2024)

1. Delaware Emergency Medical Reporting System (DEMRS)

  • ImageTrend Support - Please call 888-730-3255 between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. or email and include your name, contact ...

  • This is the DEMRS home page.

2. ImageTrend® - EMS1

  • The company delivers software solutions such as ImageTrend Elite™, Continuum®, Health Information Hub™, Patient Registry™ and Resource Bridge™ to enable fully ...

  • ImageTrend is dedicated to connecting life’s most important data in the EMS, fire, hospital and emergency/disaster preparedness industries. The company delivers software solutions such as ImageTrend Elite™, Continuum®, Health Information Hub™, Patient Registry™ and Resource Bridge™ to enable fully integrated patient-centric healthcare and public safety. ImageTrend’s commitment to innovation, its clients, and providing world-class implementation and support is unsurpassed.

3. Elite EMS (ePCR) - ImageTrend

4. ImageTrend | EMS, Fire, & Hospital Software Solutions

  • Elite EMS (ePCR) · Elite Fire: RMS Solution · Contact | ImageTrend · Careers

  • Software solutions for EMS, fire departments, hospitals, & healthcare orgs, our products assist in managing patient data, incident reporting, billing, and more.

5. Elite Core | ImageTrend

  • You want a data system that helps you get compliant with state EMS or NFIRS reporting quickly. Something that is still powerful but doesn't require a dedicated ...

6. [PDF] Delaware County Minute From Regular Meeting Held May 18, 2017

7. Resource Center | ImageTrend

  • Webinars · Literature · Case Studies

  • Access assets related to ImageTrend products & services. Including eBooks, Literature, webinars and more downloadable or viewable content.

8. Delaware - NEMSIS

  • Missing: imagetrend elite

  • EMS Data Manager

9. ImageTrend announces finalists for 2023 Hooley Awards - EMS1

  • Jul 6, 2023 · ImageTrend announces finalists for 2023 Hooley Awards ... Elite™ and created a new position to help ... Delaware County EMS (DCEMS) is experiencing ...

  • LAKEVILLE, Minn. - ImageTrend, LLC. is honored to announce the finalists for the eighth Hooley™ Awards. The Hooley Awards recognize innovators and thought leaders, honoring their involvement, creativity and passion, and were founded to acknowledge their contributions in innovation and excellence. There are three categories: Innovation, Service and New Frontier.

10. ImageTrend, Inc. v. Locality Media, Inc. - Casetext

  • Nov 22, 2022 · ... Delaware corporation, headquartered in New ... During this investigation, ImageTrend learned that its Elite ... ImageTrend employees and ...

  • Read ImageTrend, Inc. v. Locality Media, Inc., 22-cv-0254 (WMW/DTS), see flags on bad law, and search Casetext’s comprehensive legal database

11. Setting the Standard for Excellence in Emergency Care - ImageTrend

  • Mar 6, 2024 · ImageTrend® logo - white small ImageTrend ... Delaware County EMS (DCEMS), a leading third ... DCEMS stands proudly among these elite agencies, ...

  • CAAS accreditation is highly regarded within the EMS community and has been obtained by only 192 other agencies across the United States and Canada.

Imagetrend Elite Delaware (2024)
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