IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967) Filming Locations | Sparta, IL & More! THEN AND NOW | Sidney Poitier (2024)

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Today we head to Sparta, Chester, and Freeburg, IL as well as Dyersburg, TN to find the locations from the 1968 BEST PICTURE Winner, In the Heat of the Night starring Sidney Poitier and Rod Steiger.

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N State St & Peabody Rd
Freeburg Township, IL 62243

611 W 2nd St
Sparta, IL 62286


147 W Broadway St
Sparta, IL 62286

W Broadway and S St Louis St
Sparta, IL 62286

E Jackson St & S Market St
Sparta, IL 62286


1560 Pennell Ln
Dyersburg, TN 38024

Follow Country Club Rd & Brandy Ln to Roundhouse Rd


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Philadelphia what do they call you up there? They call me mr, tibbs, mr tips.

Well, mr, wood, take mr tibbs, take him down to the depot.

And I mean, boy like now I have the fbi lab send you the report on this, not that it'll make any difference.

All right here.

We go hitting the open road, leaving tennessee heading up to southern illinois for some filming locations for the 1967, classic one of afi's top 100 movies of all time.

One best picture at the 1968, oscars it's, the excellent movie from 1967 in the heat of the night we're going to see the spots, some of them aren't there anymore, we're going to them.

Anyways, a lot of them are still standing we're, definitely going to those welcome to ryan and virginia go to the movies I'm ryan.

This is virginia and uh, this is a hobby of ours.

We've been doing for a while do the then and now pictures on instagram and facebook for family and friends and other people that like to do this hobby, but I figured it was time.

Let me get a nice camera and let's start documenting this stuff on video.

So that's, what we're doing sitting right up there.

Marble cake tell you what sam bianchi's in there by a little lonesome I'll, let you have it for free.

I told you about that, sam business dinner, sorry, mr, wood.

I mean, uh, officer, wood.


We made it with like two three minutes left of daylight to spare.

But this is this the area where the cafe was the compton cafe or conference cafe.

And it was sitting right here pointing out to the corner.

And the reason I know that is because I've got an old aerial photo where you can match up the co*ke sign to the top of the building and see exactly where it was right here.

And the reason I went searching so hard for that picture is because I wanted to know if the cars turned out right here or behind this grass patch, because the poles aren't there anymore.

But I thought it could have been this one because there are poles here.

But no the sign was right there.

There were some telephone poles.

And this is where they turn out of so cafe here and turn left out of here, going home.

Man, they're, your people, not mine yours.

You made this scene.

What do you want to do you want me to beg? You is that what you have look.

I've had your town up to here.

Boy, it would give me a world of satisfactional horse whip.

You virgil, my father used to say that all right we're here at the mistletoe art gallery, which was the train station.

It was an actual train station.

Now an art gallery.

It was the train station that sydney.

48 first, uh was at and a bunch of scenes, take place here somewhere on the inside.

And they are closed today.

Still closed every day right now.

Because if coven I was told after calling, but somewhere in here, I can't pinpoint it because there was a bathroom next to them.

And I don't see a bathroom through the windows anywhere, but you can see when I go back over here, because the walls are exactly the same.

Now they've got the the paneling there on the side and then down there let's see if they're pointed, it becomes the darker color, and that could be the corner where he was sitting towards the beginning of the movie.

Now I'm actually standing exactly where he was sitting on the scenes where he tried to leave sheriff, came convinced them to stay that famous shot of them both sitting on the bench right here tense conversation.

And he the sheriff that is first approaches from over here.

You can see the water tower in the background.

And actually, I don't know if this is the same one.

But this thing matches perfectly it's, not in the exact same spot would have been behind.

Uh, this door, right here.

But everything matches up from this, except for the color, which obviously could have been painted the handle matches, the three, uh boards, sticking up and gmno were the trains used in the movie.

So, uh, serious movie history, iconic movie history happening right here at this train stop.

If you ever want to come visit this place once it's back open after covet it's called the missile horn.

Art gallery, this guy is known as the norman rockwell of the midwest, which I'm, assuming means he's a realist or draws everything as true to life as possible.

Uh, I've heard they have some in the heat of the night stuff in there, which makes me really disappointed that we couldn't go in, but um, I'll for sure be back to visit once I can, oh another fun fact, there was an actual murder that was unsolved at the time of the filming that took place here at this train station, they didn't know until afterwards and uh, it's funny, because the movie is a murder mystery.

I don't know if it ever got solved because I found that in an old newspaper from the 60s, if it wasn't solved, that means it's been almost 100 years.

There's, one shot in in the heat of the night that I'm very proud of we were down on the banks, the mississippi.

And all of a sudden we realize he's going across the bridge.

And you can see the tiny figure running across the empty bridge.

I say, do you have a lens that we could move in that far? He said, well, we got a 500 millimeter.

So they bring out this.

I'd never seen it before they brought out this big, 500 millimeter.

Zoom lens.

So when I see that shot every time I see that shot, I go crazy because I realize it's one of the best shots of any of the films.


So this is the alleyway where they first discover the body that kicks off the movie.

The inciting incident all happens.

Right here.

Uh that building on the left was called something different derussy.

I don't even know if it's showing the whole sign, but yeah, we're here in downtown sparta, finally and it's snowing on us.

But yeah, up and down this street.

You see the sheriff driving, you see a bunch of stuff, driving it's crazy.

Because a lot of this stuff looks exactly the same and a lot of it's really different than what it was in the 60s.

If you just drove through here, looked at these buildings, you might think these could have been here in the 60s.

But if you look down that way, especially it's way different than it was so here's, another angle, where they found the body in the movie, the police officer rolls up here.

He gets out of his car that shot's taken from across the street.

Then it flips over here.

And then a whole team of people come to investigate a photographer a doctor they're all standing right here.

And you can see that building right there in the background looks exactly the same today or pretty identical here's the corner where the sheriff drives take note of this spot, because when the sheriff drives and goes to that car parts place or whatever it is it actually ends up going in a huge circle, and he could have just down on this corner gone in that same spot.

But anyways, he pulls up this road camera fans over.

And you see him drive downtown.

The buildings look a lot different.

Of course, it's been over 50 years since the movie was made, but the shapes are still pretty much the same.


So here's where the sheriff comes.

And like I was saying he makes a big circle.

I told you to remember where he started that's that building right there.

So he makes a big circle drives past this building, which I think this is the uh hendersons building from the movie.

It looks the same, but front's a little bit different.

The doors and windows.

I feel like are a little bit different shapes slightly different in the road.

I don't know, maybe that isn't it.

But anyway, he goes past it and turns into this corner where the shop was that is no longer there house in the background is no longer there, but that's where he was.

He went in a big circle, just to move a couple of meters it's hard to match up because the building doesn't exist anymore.

But I'm, pretty sure the police station was right here on this corner, which is now a fire station looks nothing the same, but there's a couple of clues.

So first that building way back there, I believe was sparta lumber company, which is now a pawn shop.

And then if you look at this building right here that brick short building almost the triangular part of this roof coming down that matches up also this building here, which I believe could have been here, but it was before this part was added.

So I went there was a space here, went straight back into the police station, right here.

Those two windows match up and that doorway matches up that's.

The reason I think of course, it could have been torn down and rebuilt and just looked very similar, because there were two windows on the front or one window.

I can't, remember, um, two windows, but uh, yeah, I'm fairly certain.

This is the spot the area looks way different.

Now, if you look at the police station from this angle, where that shot turns to all this stuff on this, road looks totally different demolished.

So on backward, back then there's a little alley over here behind the fire station and uh, there used to be a single alley firehouse for the police station behind it.

Um in the back of the building there's, a steel door, where it used to be the entry to the jail.

So it used to be one one door, firehouse, four, fire trucks backed in they'd have to pull one out to get one from the back, uh, very complicated back then, but yeah, the jail and firehouse also all used to be right here in one position, uh, the city hall actually was on the main strip.

So it wasn't together back where it is now.

So so there there was a police station right there? Yes, it was all right.

So I was right, confirmed the barn location or the garage location where uh rod stagger in sydney portiego was right here and I'll tell you how I knew that it's all torn down.

Now garage was about right there.

And I have confirmed with aerial photography from 1968 that this was the spot.

And I think now this was not showing in the movie.

But I think this mailbox was here because you can kind of see it in the aerial shot that curve the mailbox.

I don't know for sure because it's far away.

But this is definitely the spot where they filmed that scene in the heat of the night, which I'm thinking about how they filmed in the fall, and it must have been really cold, and I think they should have called it in the chill because it is snowing right now and it's below 40 degrees.

Well, let us say the people who work for mr colbert might reasonably regard you as the person least likely to mourn his passing.

We were just trying to clarify.

Some of the evidence was mr colbert ever in this greenhouse say last night about midnight, good let's, be, yeah, you saw it.

I saw it.

But what are you gonna do about it? The scene builds beautifully and quite understandably to a point where offended by my uh asking him, personally about his whereabouts that he slaps me, which was, I suppose out of his culture and his values was the proper thing to do.

And he was quite emotional about it.

He was so offended that he slapped me.

And I said to walter, I said, uh, in my life, whether I'm I'm a detective or not, and I don't care where I am if such a thing happened to me, the likelihood is, I would respond.

And my response would be certainly not to absorb it.

And he said what what do you mean? I said, well, it would be an instant response.

And the response would be in kind.

It was designed on the basis of a man's humanity.

If it is offended in that way, it's difficult for him not to.

So the production people were a little queasy about that I said, well, then they will have no deal.

And I said, if we do it that way it stays in the picture and they said, okay, so that it worked, um, I'm, technically transparent, I'm, far back in here.

So I don't want to run too deep, um.

But somewhere back here was the area where he ran away from the rednecks that tried to attack him.

Could that be the building? I was able to find from an old fire, marshal's map that it was a shop where they fixed the trains, and I found an aerial photo, or you can see a bunch of stuff.


I pinpointed my area on the gps, which uh, I'm gonna have to go with the screenshot here because that's, not focusing.

But I found that I am in a general spot like pretty close to where that building was.

I think it might have even been where I'm standing because these, um, what looks like a road? There used to be train tracks running across it, which I'll show you with an old aerial photo.

Yeah, I think I'm actually standing inside or looking at and could this be pieces from the building, the roundhouse area, the shops got your ticket.

Yeah, thank you.



You take care you're here.


IN THE HEAT OF THE NIGHT (1967) Filming Locations | Sparta, IL & More! THEN AND NOW | Sidney Poitier (2024)


Where was In the Heat of the Night filmed 1967? ›

Set in Sparta, Mississippi, but filmed mostly in Sparta, Illinois, and Dyersburg, Tennessee, the 1967 film In the Heat of the Night won five Academy Awards and presented an important view of both racial tensions and the potential for human respect in a 1960s Mississippi torn by conflict over civil rights.

Where was In the Heat of the Night filming locations? ›

Season one was filmed on location in the small town of Hammond, Louisiana. For season two, production moved to Covington, Georgia. There were no soundstages in Covington, so producers retrofitted two warehouses for standing sets like the police station.

Why was In the Heat of the Night filmed in Illinois? ›

Sidney Poitier insisted that the movie be filmed in the North because of an incident in which he and Harry Belafonte were almost killed by Ku Klux Klansmen during a visit to Mississippi. That's why Sparta, IL, was chosen for location filming.

What movie was filmed in Sparta Illinois? ›

In the Heat of the Night.

What real town was In the Heat of the Night filmed? ›

Covington, Georgia - where In the Heat of the Night was filmed for the bulk of its seven seasons, was also the home of Mystic Hills, Virginia of The Vampire Diaries.

Where was the restaurant scene in heat filmed? ›

McCauley and cop Vincent Hanna meet up (the legendary first appearance of de Niro and Al Pacino on screen together) in upscale Beverly Hills restaurant Kate Mantilini, which stood for 27 years at 9101 Wilshire Boulevard until being forced to close its doors in June 2014.

Where was hot shot filming locations? ›

Hot Shots!
  • Red Rock Canyon State Park - Highway 14, Cantil, California, USA. ...
  • 300 South Hope Street, Los Angeles, California, USA. ...
  • Civilian Flight Test Center, Mojave Airport - 1434 Flightline Street, Mojave, California, USA. ...
  • Hollywood Forever Cemetery - 6000 Santa Monica Boulevard, Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, USA.

What house was used in the movie Heat? ›

A stilt home in Los Angeles served as the home of Danny Trejo's character in the film. The Malibu location is in one of Southern California's best neighborhoods, Malibu Cove Colony, with an eclectic mix of guard-gated oceanfront homes. The ultra-contemporary home was designed by architect Ron Goldman.

What town was from filmed in? ›

From was shot in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Halifax, Canada.

What movie was filmed at Midway Village Rockford IL? ›

"Come Out Fighting," a World War II movie set in 1944, stars Kellan Lutz and Michael Jai White and was shot in Rockford between late June and July 11. About 85% of the film was shot at Midway Village, 6799 Guilford Road.

What movies have been filmed in Galena Illinois? ›

Filming Location Matching "Galena, Illinois, USA" (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Field of Dreams (1989) PG | 107 min | Drama, Family, Fantasy. ...
  • Pennies from Heaven (1981) ...
  • Spring Break Massacre (2008 Video) ...
  • Gaily, Gaily (1969) ...
  • The Clowns (2023– ) ...
  • Decoding the Driftless (2018) ...
  • Driftless (2020) ...
  • The Other One (2014)

What movies were filmed in Highland Illinois? ›

Filming Location Matching "Highland Park, Illinois, USA" (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • Justified: City Primeval (2023– ) Crime, Drama | Completed. ...
  • Ferris Bueller's Day Off (1986) ...
  • Weird Science (1985) ...
  • Home Alone (1990) ...
  • Sixteen Candles (1984) ...
  • Risky Business (1983) ...
  • Ordinary People (1980) ...
  • Uncle Buck (1989)

Why is every movie set in Chicago? ›

The Loop, Downtown Chicago, is a huge draw to film makers because of the city's positive reputation. The architecture, also, is older downtown, and is perfect for movie sets. Chicago is considered a hub in the transportation industry and the import and export markets.

Why do all John Hughes movies take place in Chicago? ›

John Hughes had a soft spot for Chicagoland as a born-and-bred Midwesterner. Unsurprisingly, a lot of his most beloved films take place around Chicago, with several showcasing places he personally loved.

Why are all movies set in Chicago? ›

Because at the time, the State of Illinois' film commission, and the City of Chicago gave production companies massive tax breaks and other incentives to bring productions there.

What diner was used in movie Heat? ›

The scene was shot at around 1 AM at an oft-used industry restaurant in Beverly Hills called Kate Mantilini's.

Is Ashton Alabama a real place? ›

The fictitious town of 'Ashton' is mainly downtown Wetumpka, on Route 231, about 15 miles north of Montgomery. Wetumpka was previously the setting for the 1995 film of Truman Capote's The Grass Harp, with Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon (directed by Matthau's son, Charles).

When was the last In the Heat of the Night filmed? ›

Assorted References. In the Heat of the Night (1967) starred Sidney Poitier as a detective from Philadelphia who becomes involved in solving a murder in a small Mississippi town. The film, which cast a gimlet eye on racial prejudices in the South, won five Academy Awards, including…

Where did they film the armored truck scene in Heat? ›

The armoured truck robbery

The first robbery, where De Niro and Val Kilmer's crew ambush an armoured truck in broad daylight, takes place on Venice Boulevard, west of Downtown.

Did De Niro and Pacino film together in Heat? ›

This time, the movie was Heat, and the actors were Al Pacino and Robert De Niro, sharing the screen together for the very first time. In just a few minutes, they would make film history.

Where is Eady's house in Heat? ›

'” Courtesy of Warner Bros. In an email prior to our sit down interview, Balton was apprehensive about divulging the specific location of Eady's house because it would be too easy to give away something that was so hard to find. However, she did confirm that it is above Sunset Plaza.

Where are the Hotshots buried? ›

Granite Mountain Hotshots Memorial State Park is a state park near Yarnell, Arizona, created to memorialize the nineteen members of the Granite Mountain Hotshots who died there on June 30, 2013, while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire.

What town was the long hot summer filmed in? ›

The film was shot in Clinton and Baton Rouge, Louisiana, in CinemaScope color, with a budget of US$1,645,000. A Southern Gothic story, Ritt decided to shoot it on location to capture the characteristics of the area, emphasizing the regional details.

What ship was hot shots filmed on? ›

The aircraft carrier on which the movie takes place is actually a wooden deck built on the edge of a cliff at a deserted Marineland facility. The film was shot at an angle that made the deck look like a ship at sea.

What beach house was used in a summer place? ›

In the 1959 movie A Summer Place, the characters Ken Jorgenson (Richard Egan) and Sylvia (Dorothy McGuire) have a beach house, which was filmed at the Clinton Walker House.

What city was the movie Heat made? ›

The film was considered one of the greatest movies of all time. Heat was filmed in Los Angeles, Burbank, El Segundo, Downey, Beverly Hills, and Santa Monica, California, USA. San Pedro, CA. Photo by Mike Fox on Unsplash.

Where was the movie Christmas town filmed at? ›

Filmed in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Where was the last scene of the town filmed? ›

As one may expect, things get rocky during the climax, and all the action sequences are filmed on location at the real baseball park! Before this dramatic ending, the film also has sequences in other quintessential Boston locations, including the Charlestown bridge.

Where was walking dead filmed? ›

"The Walking Dead" is the most-watched television series in basic cable history, based on the graphic novels by the same name, and has filmed exclusively in Georgia. It put locations in Atlanta, nearby Senoia and beyond on the map for fans of the show. The set for Alexandria is a real neighborhood in Senoia, Georgia.

What movies were filmed at Illinois Railway Museum? ›

The museum has starred in many television shows and movies including A League of Their Own, Groundhog Day, Flags of Our Fathers, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, and others. IRM has the nation's largest collection of preserved railway equipment.

What Christmas movie was filmed in Midway Utah? ›

Enchanted Christmas” (2017)

Another Hallmark movie that debuted in November, "Enchanted Christmas" was largely filmed at Midway's Zermatt Lodge. The main character leaves Utah at a young age, but now must return to save a hotel before a winter dance.

What movie was filmed in the Thompson Center Chicago? ›

The Thompson Center has been a filming location in several motion pictures, including 2000's The Watcher and 1990's The Kid Who Loved Christmas. The climax of 1986's Running Scared was filmed there.

What movie was shot in Woodstock Illinois? ›

The 1993 Bill Murray film Groundhog Day may be set in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania, but it was primarily filmed in Woodstock, Illinois.

What Amazon series was filmed in Woodstock IL? ›

Where Was Night Sky Filmed? Although Farnsworth is not a real place, the series was indeed filmed in the state of Illinois. The Chicago Sun-Times reports that filming for Night Sky took place in Woodstock, Frankfort, Wauconda, and Island Lake, in addition to Cinespace Film Studios in Chicago.

What movie is filming in St. Charles IL? ›

The Killer” – starring Michael Fassbender and Tilda Swinton – will be released Nov. 10. Those who have been waiting for the release of the Netflix movie “The Killer,” which was filmed in downtown St. Charles in March 2022, will have to wait a few more months.

What movies were filmed in Riverside Illinois? ›

Filming Location Matching "Riverside, Illinois, USA" (Sorted by Popularity Ascending)
  • The Lake House (2006) PG | 99 min | Drama, Fantasy, Romance. ...
  • Dead Girls (2014) ...
  • In the Company of Darkness (1993 TV Movie) ...
  • Zombie (2021) ...
  • One for My Baby. ...
  • Divorced Dudes (2012) ...
  • The Mis-Scripts (2021– ) ...
  • The Giggles (2013)

What movie was filmed at Lake Highlands High School? ›

Cotton Candy (1978 TV Movie)

What movie was set in Decatur Illinois? ›

The Informant!
Theatrical release poster
Directed bySteven Soderbergh
Screenplay byScott Z. Burns
Based onThe Informant by Kurt Eichenwald
13 more rows

What part of Boston was the heat filmed in? ›

Principal photography for The Heat began on July 5, 2012, at then-Dudley Square (now Nubian Square) in Boston, Massachusetts.

What city is the movie Heat set in? ›

Plot. Neil McCauley is a professional thief based in Los Angeles. He and his crew – right hand man Chris Shiherlis, enforcer Michael Cheritto, driver Gilbert Trejo, and newly hired hand Waingro – rob $1.6 million in bearer bonds from an armored car. During the heist, Waingro kills a guard without provocation.

Did Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock get along on The Heat? ›

Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy didn't just work well together on the set of The Heat—they became real-life BFFs!

What movie is Ryan Reynolds filming in Boston? ›

"Spirited" is directed by Sean Anders, who also co-wrote the movie with John Morris. Apple's first trailer for its upcoming holiday movie showcases stars Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell dancing in energetic scenes filmed in Boston.

Where did they film the coffee shop scene in heat? ›

It was north of 1 a.m. in Beverly Hills. Two actors were sitting at a table at a restaurant called Kate Mantilini, an industry hot spot just a few blocks away from the Academy's headquarters.

Where are the Heat house locations? ›

Stalk It: Neil McCauley's house from “Heat” is located at 26940 Malibu Cove Colony Dr. in Malibu. Disclaimer: Please remember this is a private home.

Did Al Pacino improvise in Heat? ›

In the director's commentary, Michael Mann noted that Al Pacino improvised the line "Because she's got a GREAT ASS!" Hank Azaria confirmed it, saying that Al Pacino's unexpected outburst "scared the hell out of me", "he just actually terrified me" and that his look of shock was "not acting at all".

Were Al Pacino and Robert De Niro in the same scene? ›

The film was marketed as the first on-screen appearance of Robert De Niro and Al Pacino together in the same scene. Pacino and De Niro were Mann's first choices for the roles of Hanna and McCauley, respectively, and they both immediately agreed to appear in the film.

Did Pacino and De Niro film together for Heat? ›

'Heat', another masterpieces

The next film in which both appear and in which, this time, where they shot together is 'Heat' (1995), by Michael Mann. In this case, Pacino and De Niro maintained their particular tug-of-war in their respective roles as a good cop -Detective Vincent Hanna- and bank robber Neil McCauley.

What hotel was used in Heat? ›

Behind Pacino is Central Library, and behind that is the Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles.

What's on Val Kilmer's elbow in Heat? ›

Broke his arm while filming The Doors (1991) when he performed a jump from the stage into the crowd and the stuntman failed to catch him. The injury has left Kilmer with an abnormal growth on his left elbow that can clearly be seen many times in Heat (1995).

Are Al Pacino and Robert De Niro friends? ›

Despite being pitted against each other for their good looks on the internet, Al Pacino and Robert De Niro are great friends in real life. Being that they are both New York natives, the two met in their mid-20s before they began acting together.

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