Spring Bucket List: 100+ Fun Things to do this Spring - Ordinary and Happy (2024)

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Make this spring a time of new challenges, fun adventures, and wonderful memories with our spring bucket list, and embrace this wondrous season of growth, opportunity, and change.

Spring Bucket List

Spring Bucket List: 100+ Fun Things to do this Spring - Ordinary and Happy (1)

Fancy making this spring a season to remember? Download our spring bucket list printable for free, print it off, and tick off as many activities as you can. Scroll to the end to get the PDF printable checklist.


Looking for fun and exciting things to do this spring? Look no further than these fun spring activities to fill your afternoons, evenings, and weekends with buckets of laughter, joy, and adventure.

1. Find a beautiful meadow and set up a picnic to enjoy the spring equinox in style

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2. Come up with your own rain dance and perform it on mornings when rain is forecast

3. Host a garden tea party and invite your closest friends

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4. Go to your local park and paint the cherry blossoms

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5. Go on a road trip to a nearby place you’ve always wanted to visit but never had the time

6. Go on a spring break trip (whether you’re in college or not)

7. Volunteer to feed animals at a local farm for a day

8. Film as many butterflies as you can for a month and make a montage movie with the footage

9. Try out a new hobby

10. Put together a time capsule to open on NYE


With the nights drawing out and the weather getting warmer, it’s time to get out into the great outdoors and embrace the beauty and color around you. These outdoor spring activities are ideal for spending time in the great outdoors in new and exciting ways.

11. Visit the local botanical garden and enjoy seeing the plants and flowers at their peak

12. Paint a kite and fly it in an open field

13. Take a rowing boat out onto a lake

14. Host a car wash in your neighborhood or at a local venue for charity

15. Have a game of street hockey

16. Drive around and play ‘flowers in bloom’ bingo in your local area

17. Spend an afternoon walking by or through a field of seasonal flowers

18. Watch the clouds in the sky and spot different animal shapes

19. Create a spring friendship bracelet from daisies and other plants to give to a friend or loved one

20. Fill an entire sketchbook with drawings of flowers and other things you see in spring


Even if the weather is getting warmer, there are plenty of fun and enjoyable things to do at home or indoors this spring with friends, family, and loved ones.

21. Catch up on facetime or zoom with your long-distance friends or partner

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22. Bake a colorful spring-inspired dessert such as a seasonal pie, fruit tart, or rhubarb cake

23. Enjoy a spring-themed co*cktail such as a cherry blossom or strawberry blond

24. Learn about other countries’ spring holiday traditions such as “Mărțișor” in Romania and Moldova

25. Get ready for spring with a spa day at home

26. Make flower hair accessories for your kids, friends, and family

27. Paint your flower pots with wild and whacky faces

28. Grow an indoor herb garden containing all your favorite herbs

29. Learn a new skill online

30. Be productive and do some deep spring cleaning


Push the boat out and challenge your mind, body, and soul this spring with some adventurous activities that are ideal for the weather and the season.

31. Go mountain biking along a hillside or coastal trail

32. Cross a shallow river or creek that has rocks and stepping stones (if safe to do so)

33. Do yoga in a nearby field or scenic area

34. Try flyfishing and see what you can catch

35. Go horseback riding

36. Have a kayak race on a lake with friends and/or family

37. Go rock climbing or bouldering

38. Build a rope swing in a nearby wood or forest

39. Go skinny dipping at the coast or a nearby lake

40. Create your own

With Friends

Use these things to do to plan some memorable days out and fun activities with your closest friends, and be sure to take plenty of photos along the way to capture the magical moments.

41. Attend a baseball game in fancy dress

42. Make homemade ice cream together

43. Go on a weekend camping trip

44. Host a girls’ night or guys’ night to welcome the new season

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45. Buy a breadmaker and host a bread bake-off

46. Enjoy the weather at a beer garden

47. Host a floral-themed carnival in your backyard

48. Dress up in yellow baby chick costumes and waddle in sync through your local neighborhood or town

49. Play a giant game of frisbee or hot potato in a huge field

50. Attend an outdoor concert together

For Couples

Make this season a time of epic adventures and wonderful memories with your partner in crime, and get inspired with some of these spring activities for couples.

51. Play mini golf

52. Go shopping for local produce at a farmer’s market

53. Take a horticulture class or course and get inspired to grow different flowers and plants in your garden

54. Plan an epic summer vacation together

55. Kiss atop a hillside or peak in a national park

56. Visit the local flea market or thrift shop and have a competition to see who can get the best find for under $20

57. Take a glassblowing class/workshop

58. Go on a street art tour through a nearby town or city

59. Go out for brunch every weekend and find your favorite outdoor brunch spot

60. Have an outdoor couples’ photoshoot

For Families/Kid-Friendly

Spend some quality time with your kids this spring, and get them involved in some of these super fun and creative activities you can all do together.

61. Make your own lemonade and sell it at a lemonade stand outside your house

62. Go berry picking and make a delicious pie with the fruits you find

63. Have fun making sidewalk chalk drawings

64. Go on a family bike ride

65. Visit a petting zoo

66. DIY a simple bird feeder and photograph the birds that use it

67. Create an easter egg hunt around your home or local area

68. Make different flower headbands for you and your kids and perform a spring dance together

69. Go rollerskating in your local park as a family

70. Have fun playing outdoors with your kids blowing bubbles

March Activities

There are plenty of amazing events and dates to celebrate throughout March, all of which you can come up with your own ideas for, or go to meetups and events to celebrate these days.

71. Compliment everyone all day for the First Day of March & World Compliment Day (March 1)

72. Have coffee and cookies with the important women in your life on International Women’s Day (March 8)

73. Make a funny video on International Day of Awesomeness (March 10)

74. Host a fun gameshow-style math competition at home for Pi Day (March 14)

75. Go to an Irish bar for St Patrick’s Day (March 17)

76. Have a dance-a-thon for the International Day of Happiness (March 20)

77. Write a poem for World Poetry Day (March 21)

78. Make waffles for International Waffle Day (March 25)

79. Get creative on Make Up Your Own Holiday Day (March 26)

80. Host a dinner party for the Oscars (March 27)

April Activities

Have a fun, exciting, and memorable April by taking part in these landmark dates, and do something to celebrate the occasion with friends and loved ones.

81. Play a classic prank on a sibling or partner for April Fool’s Day (April 1)

82. Host a brunch for Siblings Day (April 10)

83. Host a sandwich competition for Grilled Sandwich Day (April 12)

84. Try a painting workshop for World Art Day (April 15)

85. Host friends and family for dinner to celebrate Easter Sunday (April 17/24)

86. Doodle a giant white sheet with friends and family for International Creativity and Innovation Day (April 21)

87. Go on a litter pick for Earth Day (April 22)

88. Get your friends and family to read a classic novel on World Book Day (April 23)

89. Challenge a stranger to a dance-off on International Dance Day (April 29)

90. Go to a jazz night for International Jazz Day (April 30)

May Activities

Summer may almost be there, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of laughs, fun, and joy to be had in May, the last month of spring. Take part in some of these iconic days, and celebrate them in style.

91. Have a Harry Potter movie marathon (May 2)

92. Have a Star Wars movie marathon (May 4)

93. Learn the history of Cinco de Mayo (May 5)

94. Attend the Kentucky Derby (May 7)

95. Celebrate Mother’s Day with your mom’s favorite activity (May 8)

96. Send a card to your friends who are nurses for International Nurses Day (May 12)

97. Learn how to make hummus for International Hummus Day (May 13)

98. Get inspired and draw something for National Drawing Day (May 16)

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99. Visit a museum on International Museum Day (May 18)

100. Enjoy afternoon tea for International Tea Day (May 21)

Make this spring one of amazing adventures, new ideas, and quality time spent with loved ones, and use our bucket list to inspire you to make the most of this unique season.

Download our ultimate spring bucket list ideas printable here.

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Spring Bucket List: 100+ Fun Things to do this Spring - Ordinary and Happy (2)
Spring Bucket List: 100+ Fun Things to do this Spring - Ordinary and Happy (2024)
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