Ten Famous Ferris Wheels In The World (2024)

Ferris Wheels are one of the best ways to experience a cities skyline or soak in its nature. They are fun, scary, and sometimes even romantic. These neck-craning observation wheels, provide great experiences and a wonderful way of experiencing a destination from an almost birds-eye view.

Here Are Some Of The Most Famous Ferris Wheels In The World

Singapore Flyer

Opened to the public in 2008 after construction for almost 2 years, the Singapore Flyer stands as the tallest Ferris wheel in Asia and one of the tallest in the world. This Ferris wheel provides you with a spectacular view over Singapore including the stunning Marina Bay. Standing 541 feet high the Singapore Flyer completes one rotation in 30 mins which is nothing less of an unforgettable experience. The Flyer’s 28 air-conditioned capsules are mounted outboard of the rim of the wheel structure, providing continuously unobstructed views. When it was first launched the wheel spun counterclockwise but this was later reversed to clockwise on the advice of Fung Shui masters.

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High Roller, Las Vegas

Standing tall at 550 feet, the Las Vegas High Roller is currently the tallest Ferris wheel in the world.This mammoth-sized wheel features 28 40-person cabins that feature new-age spherical roller bearings, providing a level rotation on the 30-minute ride around the giant circumference. Situated on the Strip in addition to a 30-minute ride the Ferris wheel offers a variety of exciting experiences, including sky-high chocolate tastings and personalized yoga sessions. The best time to go for the High Roller is at night because you will experience the neon glitz of Vegas and the wheel’s state-of-the-art 2,000-LED system.

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Big O, Tokyo

The Big O was the world’s first hubless Ferris wheel, a Guinness World Record achievement in 2006, and to date, it remains the wheel with the world’s largest with a diameter of 200 feet. Tokyo’s largest roller coaster, Thunder Dolphin dashes through the center of the Ferris wheel at speeds up to 81 miles per hour.The Ferris wheel has glass-walled pods which have touch fitted on them and offer music playlists. The ascent in the Ferris wheel provides excellent views of the theme park, the Tokyo Dome, and the bustling city streets below.

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Weiner Riesnard, Vienna

The oldest still-operating Ferris wheel in the world the Weiner Riesnard was originally constructed in 1897 to honor Emperor Franz Josef I’s 50th Jubilee. Located in the city’s famous amusem*nt park, Prater, Weiner Riesnard is one of Vienna’s most beloved attractions. Standing at a height of 213 feet the Weiner Riesnard, may not be one of the tallest Ferris wheels in the world, but still offers unparalleled views and is one of the most historic Ferris wheels and it’s old charm attracts tons of visitors.

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London Eye, London

Unveiled in 2000, theLondon Eyeremains a must-visit on a trip to London. The high-tech floating bubbles loom 443 feet over the Thames River and an entire trip lasts for 30 minutes. One of the city’s most famous landmarks and an incredible way to pinpoint all the major sites the London Eye is the tallest Ferris wheel in Europe. The London Eye offers views of everything from Buckingham Palace to Big Ben to St. Paul’s Cathedral, and beyond.

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Cosmo Clock 21, Yokohama Japan

Built for the YES ’89 Yokohama Exposition at Minato Mirai 21 in 1989 Cosmo Clock was reconstructed in 1999 which added 16 feet to its height. The wheel can carry 480 people in its 60 passenger cars, and each car seats 8 people, and the structure is best appreciated at night. A complete trip will be 15 minutes long and provides superb views of Landmark Tower and Yokohama Bay. When the skies are clear riders can catch a glimpse of Shinjuku skyscrapers, the Boso peninsula, and even Mt. Fuji.

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Wonder Wheel, Conney Island, New York

Invented by Charles Hermann built from 1918-1920 by the Eccentric Ferris Wheel Company The Wonder Wheel has historical significance. Opened on Memorial Day in 1920 it’s one of the oldest and most cherished rides in Coney Island. Named as an official New York City landmark in the year 1989 and despite not being the tallest or the most extravagant Ferris Wheel in the world, it still makes on the list as one of the most famous and special Ferris Wheels in the world.

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Pacific Park Wheel, Santa Monica, California

The world’s first solar-powered Ferris wheel ThePacific Park Wheel is located right on the Santa Monica Pier. This 85 feet wide wheel has about 160,000 LED lights for colorful visual performances which great view even if you are not riding it. The colorful visual performances are a delight and brighten up the night sky at the Pier.

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Tianjin Eye, China

One of the only Ferris wheels in the world built over a bridge the Tianjin Eye is located in the city with the same name, in Northern China. The Ferris Wheel has 50 compartments that can hold 8 people at a time that’s 800 riders at a time. Riders can experience amazing views of Tianjin as well as the river below.

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Eye Of The Emirates, Sharjah, UAE

Extending nearly 200 feet above the Al Khan Lagoon, the highlight at Al Qasba amusem*nt park is Eye Of The Emirates. A short 20-minute trip from Dubai up the Persian Gulf coast, Set among a development filled with restaurants and carnival attractions, this Ferris Wheel provides unrivaled views of the Gulf, impressive skyscrapers, and the magnificence of Dubai in the distance. The Eye’s enclosed cabins are air-conditioned which offer a respite from the desert heat as the wheel travels along at a brisk clip.

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Coolest Way To Admire A City’s Skyline

Ferris Wheels are the best way to experience a destination’s skyline. Whether you are looking to enjoy the hustle of the city during the day while enjoying lunch or have a romantic evening among the city lights, they are just perfect. So the next time you visit any of these destinations make sure to take a ride on a Ferris Wheel.

Ten Famous Ferris Wheels In The World (2024)
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