What to Wear in Miami in 2024: The Perfect Miami Packing List (2024)

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Wondering what to wear in Miami for your upcoming Florida vacation? Keep reading for the complete Miami packing list!

Miami is a vibrant city and home to some of the best beaches and nightlife in the United States. The general vibe, when wondering what to wear in Miami, is a mix of clothes that are bright, colorful, and sexy.

Being married to someone born and raised in Miami for the past decade, I visit Miami multiple times per year and love creating looks that scream “Miami”. If you’ve booked a trip to Miami and are wondering what to wear, don’t fret. I have plenty of advice for you (based on dozens of visits) regarding what to include on your Miami packing list!

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What to Wear in Miami: Style Tips

The best clothes to wear in Miami are fun and flirty, regardless of whether it’s day or night. Daytime will consist mostly of beachwear such as swimsuits, sundresses, and sandals. Nighttime in Miami is the perfect occasion to dress up, so you can never go wrong with a cute dress and a pair of heels.

One thing to keep in mind when deciding on outfits to wear in Miami is that the weather is usually hot and humid. This means you’ll want to pack and wear lightweight, breezy clothing.

Miami Outfits to Wear on the Plane

In transit to Miami, it’s best to wear a cute but comfortable outfit on the plane. A casual maxi dress or lightweight pants are perfect and can possibly be styled differently and worn again during your trip.

I recommend layering your clothes, especially if you are traveling to Miami from somewhere cold. Sometimes the plane can be chilly, so it’s always a good idea to have a sweatshirt or light jacket with you onboard. Be sure that your jacket isn’t bulky and won’t take up a lot of room in your suitcase. Chances are you probably won’t wear it in Miami.

You’ll also want to wear comfortable shoes while traveling to Miami. Keep in mind that you may have to take your shoes off while going through the airport security line. I personally opt for some comfy tennis shoes so my feet aren’t cold on the plane.

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What to Wear in Miami During the Day

Miami is a stylish city, so you’ll definitely want to dress cute. However, you don’t have to dress up as much during the day as you do at night. Especially if you are spending the day at one of the beaches, you’ll most likely wear a swimsuit with a coverup or a sundress.

Miami is hot and humid for most of the year, so you’ll want to dress for the heat. Lightweight clothing like sundresses, shorts, and skirts are all great options for daytime in Miami.


Sundresses are perfect to pack for Miami because they are lightweight and flowy, but still cute and stylish. You can also dress up your Miami outfit by adding accessories like oversized sunglasses and sandals to your look.

Also, since sundresses don’t take up much room in your luggage, it is easy to bring a few different options.

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Tank Tops and Short-Sleeved Shirts

When deciding on which outfits to wear in Miami, you’ll want to add in a few tank tops or loose-fitting, short-sleeved shirts.

The biggest thing to keep in mind is that Miami is typically very humid, which means you’ll probably sweat quicker and more often than in other places. Wearing loose-fitting tops or tank tops can help mitigate the effects of this.

If you’re like me and prefer your shirts to be a bit more fitted, consider packing shirts made out of lightweight materials like cotton, linen, or dry fit. Flowy, spaghetti-strapped shirts can also be a great option, especially if they’re fitted around the bosom but flowy around the underarms and stomach.

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Skirts and Shorts

A cute, sexy, but still classy skirt is a great way to dress up a tank top during the day in Miami. It will also help keep you cool in the Miami heat. You can also use a skirt as a swimsuit coverup, just keep in mind that it can get sandy and wet if you wear it to the beach.

Shorts are also a great option for during the day in Miami since they are cool and comfortable. A pair of jean shorts with a cute top can also make for a cute and casual daytime Miami outfit.

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Don’t forget to bring comfy sandals when headed to Miami! Sandals are the best type of shoes to wear during the day in Miami, as they are cool and comfortable to walk around in.

Sandals are also a must-have for going to the beach since they are easy to slip on and off. Additionally, it is completely acceptable to wear more casual sandals, such as flip-flops or pool slides, to the pool or to the beach.

Miami Packing List: What to Wear at the Beach


You’ll want to bring plenty of swimsuits to Miami since you’ll likely be spending most of the day at one of the beaches or pools enjoying the sun and crystal-clear water.

You can wear whatever swimsuit style you are comfortable in, but the general vibe for swimsuits in Miami is bright, colorful, and sexy.

Unlike other beaches in Florida, it is normal to wear more risque types of swimsuits in Miami. There are also clothing-optional beaches nearby, such as the northernmost half-mile of Haulover Beach.

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Beach Coverups

Beach coverups are a great packing option since you can wear them over your bikini or swimsuit if you decide to get some lunch or visit some shops during your beach day.

Remember that a beach cover-up can come in various styles – from sarong wraps and kaftans to sundresses, rompers, and more. Packing a beach coverup can also dress up your swimsuit, giving you a perfectly chic Miami look.

My preference is to pair my swimsuit with a cute sundress or shorts so I can wear this look even when I’m not at the beach

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Beach Bag

A beach bag is a great accessory to have when visiting the beaches in Miami. It looks cute, will help you carry your things to and from the beach, and it’s a good place to store your coverup when you are sunbathing or cooling off in the water.

I recommend that you bring a waterproof fanny pack to take your phone, credit card, or any valuables with you if you decide to go in the water. Miami is relatively safe, but petty theft has been known to happen.


Sunglasses are a must-have when visiting Miami Florida. The sun is very bright, so sunglasses make it much easier to see while out on the beach. A cute pair of sunglasses is also a great accessory to add to your beach outfit.

Sunglasses are also a must-have if you’re driving from Orlando to Miami like we did!

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Sun Hats

A beach sun hat is a chic accessory that also helps block your face from Miami’s strong UV rays. If you plan to bring a sun hat, it is a good idea to get one that you can roll up so that it takes up less space in your luggage.

What to Wear in Miami at Night

Nights in Miami are for dressing up! Miami is one of the biggest nightlife cities in the entire U.S., so you’ll see many people dressed up for going out. In Miami, you’ll want to dress to impress if you want to experience the vibrant nightlife.

If you aren’t big into dressing up, there are more casual restaurants and bars that you can visit while wearing a more laid-back outfit.

How to Dress for the Nightlife in Miami

Stylish and sexy is the vibe for what to wear when going out in Miami. For women, this usually consists of dresses or a skirt with a cute top paired with high heels or dressy shoes. Don’t forget that a nice romper or stylish two-piece coordinated set can also be dressy enough for those who don’t like to wear dresses or skirts.

No matter what you choose to wear, don’t forget a statement piece of jewelry to dress up your final look.

For men, a white tee with a sleek blazer or a dress shirt, jeans without rips, and a nice pair of shoes will work perfectly.

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Nightlife in Miami: Shoes

When it comes to which shoes are on your Miami packing list for nightlife, you’re going to want to be strategic. If you’re planning on walking up and down South Beach bar hopping, opt for the most comfortable, cute shoe that can dress up your outfit. Think of cute sandals or wedge heels.

Save the heels for when going to a specific club that you’ll be taking an Uber to as you can easily put a few miles on your feet when walking around Miami.

Miami Dress Codes

Most of the clubs and high-end restaurants will have dress codes in Miami. In general, you’ll want to dress up to go to these places. Most dress codes forbid athletic wear, tennis shoes, shorts, beachwear, ripped jeans, and hats at night. If you know where you’re going, it’s also a good idea to check their website for any specific dress codes.

Miami Packing List: Must-Have Toiletries

Below are some toiletries to add to your Miami packing list. Keep in mind that if you are flying to Miami with any liquids, it’s easiest to put them in your checked bag. If you are only taking a carry-on bag, make sure that all liquids have a travel size of less than 3.4 ounces.

Download the full Miami Packing List


One of the most important travel essentials on any Miami packing list is sunscreen. Miami isn’t far from the equator so it gets lots of sun. The UV rays in Miami are also much stronger than in other parts of the U.S. (like Milwaukee and the rest of Wisconsin) so it’s a smart idea to always wear sunscreen.

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In case you do get sunburnt, it’s good to be prepared with some Aloe on hand. Aloe will help soothe the sunburn and keep the peeling to a minimum.

Bug Spray

There can be lots of mosquitos in Miami, especially closer to the water. Therefore it’s extra important to bring some bug spray with you.

Baby Powder

Baby powder is great for going to the beach with kids since it will help remove sand. It can also be used to stop leg chafing, which can happen if you walk around all day in the heat and humidity.

Makeup and Makeup Bag

Miami can be very dressy at night, so it’s the perfect place to bring your favorite makeup. Bringing a travel-size makeup bag is a great way to keep everything organized in your suitcase or purse.

Facial Wipes and Makeup Remover

Facial Wipes are a great way to freshen up after spending time in the Miami heat. You can even keep a travel-size package of face wipes in your purse so that you can do a quick refresh in the bathroom when needed.

At the end of the night, you’ll want to have makeup remover wipes so that you can give your face a clean reset for the next day.

Hair Tools and Hair Spray

Your hotel or accommodation should have a hair dryer, but you’ll still want to bring your favorite curling iron or hair straightener to get ready for a night out in Miami. It is also smart to bring a travel-size hair spray bottle since hair spray helps keep your hair in place with all of the Miami humidity. For my curly girls, I recommend packing some Ouidad Advantage Heat and Humidity Gel. If you want to pack it in your carry-on bag, use a TSA-approved liquid travel pouch.

Miami Packing List: Essential Items

Travel Insurance

Even when traveling within the United States, travel insurance is useful to help cover any unexpected expenses such as travel delays or lost luggage.

Learn more about my favorite travel insurance

Waterproof Bag

You’ll definitely want to get in the beautiful, blue waters when visiting Miami’s beaches. And, while beaches in Miami are safe, it is still best not to leave your valuables unattended. A waterproof bag will help keep your valuables safe and dry.

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Waterproof Phone Case

Having a waterproof phone case helps keep your phone safe and dry while at the beach in Miami. This is especially important if you want to take pictures out in the water. This waterproof phone case keeps your phone dry and you can even take underwater photos with it!

Reusable Water Bottle

It’s easy to get dehydrated while out in the Miami sun. Packing a reusable water bottle is a good way to make sure you get plenty of water while on your trip.

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Download the full Miami Packing List

What Not to Wear in Miami

Miami stays warm and humid all year round, even in the winter months, so you definitely won’t need a winter jacket. You can also leave other winter items at home, like sweaters, flannels, and boots.

While Miami can be casual and beachy during the day, at night it’s a lot more dressy. Most clubs and bars will have dress codes, so you’ll want to leave the athletic wear, tennis shoes, flip flops, ripped jeans, and other more casual items at home or in your hotel when going out at night.

Outfits to Wear in Miami by Season

Miami has a tropical climate that experiences two distinct seasons, a wet season and a dry season. For the most part, Miami stays warm and humid throughout the year. Below, you’ll find more details on what to wear in Miami based on the season.

The Dry Season (October 15th – May 15th)

The dry season runs for most of the year in Miami and, while there is less rain, it’s still pretty warm and can be humid at this time. Basically, you’ll want to bring summertime clothes even during Miami’s “winter” months.

The coldest month in Miami is January, with average temperatures between 63° to 74°. While it is still warm and sunny in January, you may want to pack a light jacket for nighttime during this time of year. This jean jacket is a great lightweight choice that will give you some extra warmth if it dips into the 60s.

The Wet Season (May 15th – October 15th)

The wet season in Miami is roughly from May 15th until October 15th, but the rainiest months are August and September. During these months, Miami gets frequent downpours and thunderstorms. It is also very hot and humid in Miami during summertime.

The good news is that these downpours don’t usually last the whole day. Instead, it’s common to have an afternoon or evening thunderstorm that lasts for a few hours, and then sunshine the rest of the day.

If you are traveling during this time (especially in August and September) it’s good to bring a compact travel umbrella or rain jacket with you. This rain jacket is lightweight and folds up small so it’s easy to fit in your suitcase.

Miami can experience hurricanes and tropical storms during this season, but only has about a 16% chance each year of getting hit by a large hurricane.

Hurricane season runs from June to November, but most major hurricanes occur during the peak of the season which is from mid-August through September. Hurricanes are closely monitored and watches are usually issued days in advance.

FAQ: What to Wear in Miami

How Should I Dress for Miami?

Miami weather is typically hot and humid, so you’ll want to wear lightweight clothing that will keep you cool. During the day, sundresses, beachwear, shorts, and short-sleeved shirts/tank tops are perfect for Miami. At night, you may want a light jacket during the winter months, and if you plan to enjoy the nightlife you will want to dress up.

Can You Wear Jeans to Bars in Miami?

Yes, you can wear jeans to the bars in Miami. It’s best to wear dressier jeans with no rips since many people dress up in Miami. A lot of the bars in Miami have a more casual atmosphere compared to the clubs and high-end restaurants which typically have strict dress codes.

What Do You Wear to a Night Out in Miami?

To experience the nightlife in Miami, you’ll want to dress up. Women tend to wear a short dress or skirt with a nice top for a night out in Miami. High heels are also typically worn, but dressy closed-toe sandals also can work. Men will typically wear nice jeans paired with either a white tee and blazer or a dress shirt.

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Packing List for a Week in Miami

Below, you’ll find my recommended packing list for Miami. This is a perfect list to use as a checklist when packing all of your outfits for Miami.

Clothing & Shoes

  • 3 Lightweight dresses
  • 3 Pairs of shorts/skirts
  • 5-7 Tank tops/short sleeve shirts
  • A light jacket for the plane or cooler nights
  • Undergarments
  • Active sandals/sneakers for walking around
  • High heels or dressy shoes for going out

Beach Wear


  • Sunscreen
  • Aloe
  • Baby Powder
  • Bug Spray
  • Facial Wipes
  • Deodorant
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, floss
  • Makeup & makeup remover
  • Shaving supplies
  • Lotion
  • Hair styling tools


Conclusion: What to Wear in Miami

Miami is a perfect United States destination for a tropical getaway. There is plenty to enjoy while visiting Miami, from the sandy shores of Miami’s South Beach to the vibrant nightlife.

There are many great choices when it comes to what to wear in Miami. Colorful swimsuits, flirty dresses, and comfy beachwear are all great options. Bringing your best outfits for Miami will not only help you to enjoy your trip, but it’ll also help you to feel stunning and confident among the locals.

Pro Tip: If you’re loving those Miami beaches, you might also enjoy a trip to Sarasota with your kids. You also can’t go wrong with a beach vacay in Destin!

What to Wear in Miami in 2024: The Perfect Miami Packing List (15)
What to Wear in Miami in 2024: The Perfect Miami Packing List (2024)
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